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Minutes of the 8th Meeting of BSNL Staff Welfare Board Held at New Delhi on 15th May, 2009

The 8th Meeting of BSNL Staff Welfare Board started with the presentation of bouquets to CMD, Director (HRD), Director (Operation) and Smt. Manju Goyal, President (TWCO) by GM (Admn). He extended a warm welcome to CMD, other important dignitaries and participants. He said that BSNL is implementing various welfare activities for its employees and their family members and various decisions taken in the last meeting have been implemented. He also apprised the participants about various agenda items to be placed before the board for consideration and emphasized that BSNL is fully committed to the welfare of its employees.

Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) welcomed all the participants and informed that 11.94 crores have been spent on weflare activities during the year 2008-09. Several Circles which faced shortfall of funds were given additional funds of Rs.87.46 lacs to meet their actual demand during the year 2008-09. He also informed that during the year 2008-09, eleven new holiday homes have been opened and at present we have 27 holiday home all over the country for the benefit of our employees and their family members. In order to motivate the wards of employees, Cash Awards are being given who excel at National/ International sports competitions. He further said that we are looking forward to the valuable suggestions so that we can take care of our employees for their betterment.

Shri Rajesh Wadhwa, Director (Operations) greeted the participants and said that it is a matter of happiness that all the members are promoting welfare activities with full devotion. He said "I have not seen such welfare activities in other PSU's as BSNL is implementing. I will give my full co-operation in this regard".

Smt. Versha Lakhmani, Secretary (TWCO) said that TWCO since 1986 is engaged in welfare activities. At present we are running Beauty & Health Care Centre, Computer classes, Play School and Creches in various colonies of Delhi. She mentioned facing problem in maintenance of TWCO website and requested technical assistance from BSNL in its maintenance. She said that recenty they have organized a Cultural function by inviting Anuradha Podwal with the help of BSNL and they are also going to issue a souvenier shortly for which we require support from BSNL. In the end she thanked BSNL for the assistance rendered to TWCO from time to time.

Shri V.A.N. Namboodari, General Secretary, BSNLEU greeted the participants who have come to attend the meeting and expressed his happiness that this meeting is being held in time. He said that some of the Circles like Chennai are not getting sufficient funds for implementing the welfare activities. Further the rest room facility for the women employees is not available at several places. In India there are several places of religious/ tourist importance where we can open new holiday homes for the facility of our employees and their family members. He also praised the rescue efforts made by the H.P. Circle in co-ordination with local authorities in the case of Kullu/ Manali accident where unfortunately some Telecom Stores employees & their family members expired. He demanded assistance apart from the immediate financial assistance of Rs.15,000/- from welfare fund for them.

Shri Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA thanked the Chairman for giving him opportunity to attend the meeting. He said it is good that the rates of scholarship have been increased by 20% but these rates should be enhanced by 50% keeping in view the high fees of all technical degree courses. He also said that more number of holiday homes may be opened to facilitate the employees & their family members. He appreciated the Anuradha Podwal programme organized by TWCO but said that the invitation should have been widely circulated. He suggested that the representatives of Associations should also be invited in the Circle Staff Welfare Boards for monitoring the welfare programmes in circles.

Shri B.G.Patel, representative of SNEA greeted all the participants and expressed his sincere thanks to the Board. He said that the agenda items and minutes of the meeting, list of empanelled hospitals in Corporate Office/ Circles and details of Holiday homes may be put on the website for the benefit of our employees. He also said that we should think and work out some scheme for proper utilization of vacant quarters and premises by giving on rent or lease to State Government Organizations/ PSU's, Banks etc. and try to generate revenue from them.

Shri B.R.Jakhatia, General Secretary, SC/ST Employees Association in his address said that he also attended the Ist meeting of Welfare Board when it was started. He said that Rajasthan Circle is facing difficulty in implementing the welfare schemes specially in payment of scholarship due to shortage of funds and requested for additional funds to clear the pending liability. He also said that new holiday homes at Bikaner and Jaisalmer may be opened.

Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD in his opening address welcomed all the members and while telling about the tragic Kullu accident where two of our employees and their four family members expired in the accident, he emphasized that we should sensitise our employees to take care all precautions in hiring of vehicles and drivers while organizing such excursion & L.T.C. trips. He mentioned that we should try to organize this meeting every six months and also monitor the organization of Circle Welfare Board meetings and try to include Unions/ Associations members in the Circle Staff Welfare Board. It may be ensured that Circles/ SSA's should also celebrate the BSNL day by organizing Cultural Programme utilising our own artists/ talent. He suggested that computers should be installed in Recreation Clubs for the benefit of our employees and information about BSNL can be loaded on them. We should also think of promoting one or two games which can bring laurels to BSNL. He informed that Abhinav Bindra has been made brand ambassador of BSNL. He also said that a comparative study of BSNL's Welfare Programme vis-a-vis other PSU's be done.

Shri Vineet Saxena, DGM (Welfare & Sports) and Secretary of the BSNL Staff Welfare Board informed that the welfare grant for the year 2008-09 was Rs.12 crores and out of which Rs.11 crores have been released to the 43 Circle Staff Welfare Boards. The Welfare grant to N.E.-II Circle was not released as sufficient funds were available with them. An additional welfare grant of Rs.87.46 lacs was also released to 13 Circles. He then placed the minutes of the last meeting before the Board which were passed unanimously by the Board. The audited Receipt and Payment account of the Welfare Board for the year 2008-09 were also approved by the Board. There after the Action Taken Report on the minutes of the last meeting were discussed and passed by the Board. He also informed that a revised Welfare Compendium has been released and will be sent to all Circles and SSA's for their ready reference.

Then Shri Vineet Saxena took up the agenda items which were discussed and decided as follows:

Item No. 1 : Scholarship :

(a)It was decided that all Medical/ Technical/ Professional Degree courses ( 4 years and above duration ) may be given scholarship @ Rs.600/- per month and all Technical diploma ( 3 year duration courses) in Engineering/ Architecture etc. may be given scholarship @ Rs.360/- per month provided these institutions/ courses are recognized by University/ AICTE/ MCI/ UGC etc.

(b)It was also decided that all the post-graduate integrated degree courses may be given scholarship @ Rs.600/- or Rs.360/- per month as applicable upto to the duration of basic level of graduation degree of that particular course.

Item No. 2 : Increase in Rates of Memento, Shawal and Cash gift for Retired Employees :

It was decided that the rates of these items may be enhanced as follows:-

ItemExisting limitApproved amount
Cash Gift Rs.2001/- Rs.3001/-
Shawl Rs.500/-Upto Rs.750/-
Memento Rs.250/-Upto Rs.500/-

The expenditure in this rerard will continue to be met from the Administrative fund.

Item No. 3 : Grant of Honorarium to Treasurers of SSA's:

It was decided that the Treasurers of SSA's may be given honorarium @ Rs.1500/- per annum.

Item No.4 : Opening of New Holiday Homes:

(a)It was decided that the new holiday homes may be opened at the following places by utilizing vacant quarters/ office accomodation and no new construction should be made on this account. If vacant quarter/ office accomodation is not available then they can be opened by hiring ( one or two suites) on rent. The Holiday Homes should be opened by 31st March, 2010.

U.P.(West) Vrindavan, Mathura
Rajasthan Jaisalmer & Bikaner
Tamilnadu Yercaud & Chickmangalur
Maharashtra Mumbai
West Bengal Kolkata
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
U.P. (East) Ayodha, Mirzapur,
Kusinagar & Allahabad
J & K Srinagar, Pahalgam,
Sonmarg, Jammu,
Patnitop, Leh & Ladakh

(b)It was also decided to drop Vellore(Tamilnadu) from the approved list of opening of Holiday Homes.

Item No. 5 : Old age Homes for BSNL/ DOT employees:

The Idea was appreciated by the members but it was felt that it is not Practical to implement it.

Apart from the agenda items the following decisions were also taken in the meeting:

Item No.6 :

It was decided that immediate financial assistance of Rs.15,000/- in case of death of our employee will be paid immediately from the administrative funds, if the Welfare funds are not available. It can be later recouped from the Welfare fund.

Item No.7 :

It was decided to reiterate orders for opening of rest rooms for women employees where ever they are not available & for proper maintenance of Toilet, Washrooms & Bathrooms in Offices/ exchanges.

Item No.8 :

It was decided that regarding basic pay limit on Welfare Programmes, the new applicable CDA/ IDA limit will be intimated.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by DGM (Welfare & Sports).



Sr. No.NameCapacity in which participated
1. Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD Chairman
2. Shri Gopal Das, Director(HRD) Vice-Chairman
3. Shri Rajesh Wadhwa, Director (Operation) Ex-Officio Member
4. Smt Manju Goyal, President ( TWCO) Ex-Officio Member
5. Shri M.S.S.Rao, GM (Admn.) Ex-Officio Member
6. Shri S.C.Misra, PGM (BW) Nominated Member
7. Shri A.K.Garg, PGM (MM) Nominated Member
8. Shri P.S.Bhattacharjee, GM(Admn.), Assam Circle Nominated Member
9. Shri D.Varadarajan, CGM, Tamilnadu Circle Nominated Member
10.Shri R.K.P.Hinduja, CGM, M.P. Circle Co-opted Member
11. Shri Vineet Saxena, DGM (Welfare & Sports) Secretary
12. Shri G. R. Sharma, AGM (Bonds) Treasurer
13. Shri V.A.N.Namboodiri Representative of BSNLEU
14. Shri Mihir Das Gupta Representative of BSNLEU
15. Shri Prahlad Rai Representative of AIBSNLEA
16. Shri B.G.Patel Representative of SNEA
17. Shri B.R.Jakhatia Representative of SC/ST Emp. Association
18. Shri Jagdish Pershad, Jt. DDG(EF), BSNL CO Special Invitee
19. Shri V.V.Shankaran, ADG (E.F.-II) Special Invitee
20. Shri Jitender Kumar, Sr. A.O.(IA)- Auditor Special Invitee
21. Smt. Versha Lakhmani, Secretary (TWCO) Special Invitee
22. Smt. Yojana Das, Treasurer (TWCO) Special Invitee

decision taken. in the 8th Meeting of BSNL Staff Welfare Board - Regarding



Sr. No.Name of CirclePlace
1. West Bengal Darjeeling
2. Himachal Pradesh Jwalamukhi
3. UP (West) Mussoorie
4. A & N (West Bengal) Port Blair
5. Chattisgarh Jagdalpur
6. Andhra Pradesh Puttaparthi
7. Andhra Pradesh Tirumala
8. Assam Guwahati
9. Uttranchal Haridwar
10. Gujarat Dwarka
11. Gujarat Somnath
12. Maharashtra Nasik
13. Tamilnadu Madurai
14. Tamilnadu Palani
15. Tamilnadu Vellore
16. UP (EAST) Sitapur

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